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Fred Posner to speak at Astricon

Fred Posner, VoIP Engineer and Director of The Palner Group, Inc., has been selected to speak at this year’s AstriCon in Orlando, Florida.

Fred will be presenting, Expanding Asterisk with Kamailio, to discuss how Kamailio takes Asterisk to the “next level.” From securing your system to working with enterprise / carrier deployments, Kamailio and Asterisk make a truly dynamic duo. The most difficult part of Kamailio is saying it.

This will be Fred’s third time speaking at AstriCon and he welcomes the opportunity with both gratitude and excitement.

About AstriCon

AstriCon is the longest-running event devoted to all-things Asterisk, one of the most influential open source telecommunication projects today. Attendees will learn about trends in Asterisk use, the growing Asterisk ecosystem, the newest applications and a wide range of technical topics from Asterisk developers, users and entrepreneurs.

About The Palner Group, Inc.

Since 2000, The Palner Group, Inc. has provided VoIP Consulting Services to business clients ranging from Carriers to Enterprises. With a simple motto of “Help the Client,” The Palner Group, Inc. works to assist their clients with all of their communication needs.

About Fred Posner

After working with solutions such as Acme Packet, Broadsoft, Cisco, and others, Fred discovered Asterisk and quickly embraced open source software in telecommunication. A large (yes, it’s a fat joke) proponent of Asterisk and Kamailio, Fred currently provides Kamailio / VoIP consultation services through and The Palner Group, Inc. In 2010, Fred and his wife opened a bakery in Florida. When not working on SIP, he’s baking bread.

The Palner Group adds UK Number

The Palner Group, Inc. provides consultation, support, and service throughout the world — specializing in open source telecommunication platforms such as Kamailio, FreeSWITCH, and Asterisk.

With the majority of Kamailio requests coming from Europe, The Palner Group, Inc. has added a London based number to facilitate easier communication with EU based clients.

The power of open source VoIP communication is connectivity. Adding a London number allows us to provide better access to our clients as well as demonstrate the power of open source telephony.

You can communicate how and where you need.Fred Posner, Director

Since 2000, The Palner Group, Inc. has assisted clients by focusing on the simple mantra: Help the Client.

When you need assistance, The Palner Group, Inc. is there to help.

For more information, please contact us:

  • +1.212.937.7844 (USA)
  • +44.20.74425529 (UK)
  • (email)
  • @palnergrp (twitter)

Palner Group Accepts Bitcoin

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA β€” Both The Palner Group, Inc. and LOD Communications, Inc. proudly announce that they accept Bitcoin for payment.

Since 2000, The Palner Group, Inc. has provided VoIP and Internet consulting services to businesses throughout the world. Although the company is based in the United States (in the Sunshine State), VoIP and Internet consulting yields a global marketplace.

With Bitcoin, I know have one easy method of payment. There are no conversion costs and my fraud risk is almost nil. With this, I can lower costs and pass that savings on to our International customers.

At The Palner Group, Inc., we believe that Bitcoin is not just a crypto-currency β€” it’s a real currency that we are glad to embrace.Fred Posner, Director

For more information on how The Palner Group can assist your organization, please contact us today.

LOD Communications partners with Team Forrest

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA β€” The Palner Group, Inc. d/b/a Team Forrest partners with LOD Communications to provide clients excellent service and support.

LOD Communications, Inc. ( has been providing quality UNIX, Linux and Cisco consulting services to small and medium sized businesses throughout the United States since 1990.

The Palner Group has been provided quality VoIP and IT consulting service since 2000.

For many years, The Palner Group, Inc has had a great working relationship with the LOD team. With overlapping client needs, the time seemed appropriate for me to partner with LOD to provide my clients additional support and services.Fred Posner, Director

Generally, new Team Forrest customers are billed as LOD clients. Posner added:

LOD an amazing history of billing the right price for the right service. Now, Team Forrest can focus on providing excellent service and focus less on billing and administrative tasks. Some of our older customers are still handled internally, but most of our clients have already been transitioned.

The immediate benefit to clients included:

  • Access to the LOD cloud infrastructure
    Dedicated hosting facilities provide clients with geographic redundancy and high speed data connectivity
  • Access to LOD expertise
    Linux, Cisco, Unix, Solaris, and more
  • 24/7 Support
    When you need LOD or The Palner Group, help is just a phone call away. Clients with SLA packages received guaranteed response times 24/7/365.

VoIP Services / Hosted VoIP

The best news of the partnership rested in the creation of the LOD hosted VoIP service. Powered by Kamailio (formerly openSER), the LOD hosted VoIP offering provides reliable communication, robust features, and a reasonable price.

For more information on how LOD and The Palner Group, Inc. can assist your business with their communication needs, please contact us or visit

Team Forrest Receives 2010 Best of Fort Lauderdale Award

We would consider it an honor– except it’s from the US Commerce Association. Basically, a quick google search will let you know this is simply a vanity reward at best… but more likely just a scam.

Here’s the email we received:

Re: Final Notice (3rd Attempt): The Palner Group Inc Receives 2010 Best of Fort Lauderdale Award

The Palner Group Inc has been selected as the 2010 Best of Fort
Lauderdale Award winner in the Urban Planning & Consulting Services
category by the US Commerce Association. We have tried to contact your
business throughout the year but have not received any response. With
this final notice you still have a chance to order an award for 2010.
Award Image Continue reading