The Palner Group, Inc. provides consultation, support, and service throughout the world — specializing in open source telecommunication platforms such as Kamailio, FreeSWITCH, and Asterisk.

With the majority of Kamailio requests coming from Europe, The Palner Group, Inc. has added a London based number to facilitate easier communication with EU based clients.

The power of open source VoIP communication is connectivity. Adding a London number allows us to provide better access to our clients as well as demonstrate the power of open source telephony.

You can communicate how and where you need.Fred Posner, Director

Since 2000, The Palner Group, Inc. has assisted clients by focusing on the simple mantra: Help the Client.

When you need assistance, The Palner Group, Inc. is there to help.

For more information, please contact us:

  • +1.212.937.7844 (USA)
  • +44.20.74425529 (UK)
  • (email)
  • @palnergrp (twitter)