Vulnerability scanning and assessment identifies security risks within your network. Team Forrest highly recommends proactive, routine scanning to help assess, react, and improve your network security.

Utilizing a variety of techniques, applications, and tools, Team Forrest remotely examines your network over the public Internet. identified weaknesses and vulnerabilities are assessed for risk and detailed, with recommendations, to the customer.

What is a Vulnerability Scan?

A vulnerability scan assesses computer systems, networks, and applications for weaknesses. Vulnerability Scans are recommended (and may be required) for any business conducting e-commerce, hosting a server with a publicly accessible IP Address, or allowing remote access to company assets. Team Forrest recommends a comprehensive scan, including:

  1. Checking for vulnerabilities of remote systems
  2. Checking for misconfiguration of remote systems, software, and services
  3. Checking commonly used passwords
  4. Checking Denial of Service sensitivity
  5. Checking for Web Vulnerability (such as SQL Injection)

How does a Vulnerability Assessment Work?

Team Forrest performs the scan remotely, accessing your network over the Public Internet. There is nothing for you to do and no software will need to be installed. Our servers will simply assess your network remotely.

Once the scan completes, Team Forrest provides a detailed assessment including identified risks and vulnerabilities, as well as their severity level. Team Forrest also provides recommendations and assisting in correcting any identified flaws or vulnerabilities.

For more information on a Team Forrest Vulnerability Scan / Assessment, please call 888-295-0025 or contact us for details.